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How to make cake pops!

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I was approached recently to do a cake pop demo for the local mosque’s Family Fun Day fundraiser. I accepted and a few days later got hit with the worst flu I’ve ever had. Alhumdulillah I’m much better. I thought it would be a nice idea to create a tutorial for the blog as well as an extra visual reference for anyone who needs one after the demonstration.

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How to make cake pops!


  • You’ll need
  • - Cake pops or cake pop mixture see below
  • - Chocolate melts or candy melts
  • - Decorations see below for ideas
  • - Styrofoam block or baking paper lined surface
  • - Cake pop sticks


  • 1.Make your cake pop mixture.
  • 2.Roll into even sized balls (approx. 1 inch diameter).
  • 3. Place on a baking paper lined surface or a Styrofoam block,
  • 4.Place the cake balls into the fridge/freezer until chocolate is set.
  • 5.Dip your sticks into the melted chocolate about 2cm up.
  • 6.Press the chocolate coated sticks into the cake pop just over half way in.
  • 7.Place the cake pops in the fridge/freezer until chocolate is hard.
  • 8.Ensure chocolate is still liquid and remove the cake pops.
  • 9.Dip each cake pop into the chocolate ensuring all the cake pop is covered.
  • 10.Gently tap off the excess dripping chocolate.
  • 11.Decorate the cake pops as you wish.


How to make cake pop mixture
Standard cake pop
Bake a cake. You can use a box mix or your favourite easy recipe.
Once cooled crumble the cake and add frosting.
You’ll need approximately 1/3 cup of frosting per 3 cup of crumbed cake.
Remember this could vary greatly depending on the type of cake and it’s moistness. Add a little frosting at a time until you get a moist mouldable mixture that will hold shape.
Oreo cake pop truffle recipe
400g Oreos
250g softened cream cheese
Crush your oreos until they're fine crumbs. Add in your cream cheese and mix extremely well. Roll into balls.
Cake pop baking mould
Use your favourite moist cake/cupcake recipe. Fill the mixture into the bottom rounds of the pan. Keep an eye on them baking, these will bake a lot quicker than normal cupcakes.
Decoration ideas
-fondant decorations
-coloured sugar (simply mix food colouring with sugar and let dry)
-extra chocolate (or candy melts)
-miniature candies
-food colouring pens


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2 thoughts on “How to make cake pops!”

  1. These look great and I’m glad to hear that your demo went well Alhumdullilah 🙂 I made cake pops for Zuni’s birthday party last month and it really was a disaster. The cake portion kept falling off the sticks and the chocolate that I used kept cracking after setting. Next time inshAllah I’ll use your tips to ensure a better outcome 🙂

    • I hear a lot of people saying that. Did you freeze them in between the different stages? Also sometimes it could mean too much or too little frosting. I have trouble too sometimes. They are so fidgety and time consuming.


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