Reading Challenge – Week 5

Can you believe there’s only 2 weeks left of the #littlemuslimsread Reading Challenge by Read Little Muslims? I sure can’t. I had a good week but it did make me realise I didn’t have a lot of books related to that theme specifically. I suppose a lot of book cover the 5 pillars in some way, whether it be with characters praying or talking about Hajj. I guess that’s the best way to teach little children, but I may have caught onto something. Anyone out there want to write a 5 pillars book? 😉 I’ll buy!

This week’s theme is #StoryfromtheQuran. Such a great theme, Mr Munchies reads a lot of Quran stories to a little one and honestly there’s been times where I’ve even learnt things through those stories from my son. I will be posting our collection on Instagram and Facebook, don’t forget to check it out and follow along.


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