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Review: Funky Giraffe Bibs

When I had my first, he had a bib on quite often, initially for the dribble and later it was for all that mushy food. I don’t know what it is with the second child but you tend to be more lax about things. So, I haven’t really bothered with bibs as much this time. I’m not really sure why, she has so many. It’s most likely some laziness on my part, which is silly because having to wash messy clothes is more work than me just having put on a bib. This lack of sleep thing really messes with your head, my lack of bib usage is clear proof of my lack of logic.

Review Funky Giraffe Bibs

I was recently sent these gorgeous bibs from Funky Giraffe for review. Funky Giraffe has had great success in the UK and by popular demand is now offering their bibs here in Australia. I figured I’d give them a try, some extra cute bibs are sure to work as motivation to get my little cupcake wearing them.

I was browsing through their online store and was impressed by the number of different patterns and styles. Their range includes a lot of the bandanna (triangle) style bibs, I’m not a huge fan of those but they seem to be a popular choice with most parents. The patterns are all so wonderful and fun and I found it very hard to choose. I eventually settled on the bibs in the picture above and love the designs.


The quality is fantastic. The cotton makes the bib thick and absorbent while maintaining a soft texture and the fleece fabric on the back is ideal for keeping wet food and juices off baby’s chest. They’ve washed really well and have maintained their soft texture, absorbency and shape. Like I mentioned above, I’ve never been a fan of the triangle style bibs, but I have been using them and think they look super cute. They also cover less chest space which can irritate a fussy toddler much less than the fuller bibs.

One of the things I love about these bibs is the snaps on the back. Most bibs use velcro to secure the bib around the neck but these use snaps instead. It’s a much welcomed change. If you’ve ever washed velcro bibs you’ll know that they stick on to everything in the wash! The bibs also won’t get pulled off like the velcro style bibs can. The snaps are in different positions to allow for a bigger neck gap as the child grows – perfect!

Cute designs, great quality, they wash well, what more could you ask for in a bib? If you want to win a set of your own, read more below.

Giveaway on Instagram:
If you want to try these bibs for yourself head over to purchase from the Funky Giraffe website or to my Instagram where you can win a set for your bub. There’s 3 different sets (each with 6 bibs) up for grabs and you can enter as many times as you like, be sure to check out the Terms and Conditions below before you enter. 


Terms and Conditions:

1. Must be an Australian Resident (or have an Australian address).
2. Must be following me Modest Munchies on Instagram.
3. Must tag 2 friends for each entry.
4. Must tag 2 different friends for each additional entry.
5. Entrants can only win one set (3 winners chosen, 1 for each set).
6. Competition open till midnight Tuesday 1 September.
7. Winners will be announced via Instagram Wednesday 2 September.

Review: Ramadan Fun

It’s Ramadan and we’re all looking for ideas to keep the kids busy. Part of Ramadan falls in the Winter break here in Australia (and other Southern countries) and in the Summer break in the Northern Hemisphere, which means the kids will need something extra to keep themselves occupied. Sometimes you just need to have something on hand that is self guided, so you can get on with worship or housework or the laundry or whatever else needs doing and activity books are the perfect solution. They’re easy, you can just give them to your kids with some pencils and crayons and they’re on their way. I wrote a post on getting kids involved in Ramadan in which I share many ideas, one of them, of course includes activity books and sheets.

I recently received this Ramadan activity book from Shaheda of ShahedOPrints and it’s been included in our Ramadan book basket this year. It’s a little smaller than A4 making it easy for little hands and has a bright and fun cover. The layout is simple with an easy flow of activities

Ramadan Fun

It is filled right to the end with 25 fun and varied activities. There’s the standard colouring in pages, as well as a maze (which kid doesn’t love those), word activities and more. I’m not sure what age range the book is designed for, although considering the word activities I’d say say it’s probably best for 6 years and over. My 4 year old would be able to do at least half of the activities in the book. In fact he’s been quite excited about it and has started working on some today.  


Ramadan Fun is a cute activity book that will keep the kid(s) from getting bored this Ramadan, it’s a good resource to supplement other Ramadan learning and activities. Purchase from Shaheda O on etsy –

Review: Craft it Up This Ramadan and Eid

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am about this book. Craft it Up is the brainchild of Zayneb of Zed&Q. A beautiful online store I have come to love. I love their prints, wooden keyrings and plaques and have even had gorgeous custom prints made for wedding and housewarming gifts.

Review - craft it up

Islamic kid’s book enthusiasts would know that nothing like this currently exists. Zayneb clearly knew there was a gap in the market and created something not only for the purpose of filling a need but also serves to educate children about Islam through the use of clever and fun crafts.

The book is designed for children aged 6 and above, however I do believe a lot of the crafts can be adapted for a younger audience with a more instructional and guided approach. The crafts do have a feminine touch, I love that I can feel of the personality of the book’s creator come through. But if you prefer a less feminine feel you can adapt the crafts to suit. This can be done easily with the use of other colours, materials, textures and papers (whatever you have on hand) to tailor to the needs and preferences of your child.

The book is beautifully presented. Each craft includes a step by step tutorial with gorgeous pictures and instructions at each step, making this a great book for the avid crafter or even the craft novice. One thing I really love about Craft it Up is that you can make all the crafts using things your already have lying around. It is so important to teach our kids about reducing our waste and recycling. It is not only our duty as citizens of this planet but also as Muslims.

The crafts are a great way to facilitate discussion and engage with children about meaningful Islamic topics. I can already imagine all the discussions that will be started and all the questions that will be asked. Something as simple as a ‘Sadaqa Sheep’ or some ‘Good Deed Sticks’ can be all that’s needed to engage children in a fun and exciting way. Zayneb also includes useful tips for parents as well as important Islamic tidbits that can be read to children.

We’ve already started our own Ramadan traditions, last year we made a countdown calendar and did activities each day of the month and even had a craft party. I know I’ll definitely be pulling this one out to use in some of our Ramadan activities this year. The ‘mini Mu’min’, the ‘good deed sticks’ and the ‘play mosque’ are already on my shortlist. I think I’m almost more excited than my little one will be. You can buy the Craft it Up directly from Zed&Q or purchase from Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a digital sample of this book to conduct a review. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Review: Faatimah and Ahmed: We’re Little Muslims

Faatimah & Ahmed: We’re Little Muslims is a story of a young Muslim boy’s first day of school where he learns about the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and shares the story with his little sister. The book begins with an introduction of the 2 characters and provides some background information on the two little Muslims and a few of their interests. The little blurb on spaghetti is both cute and endearing, this along side their introduction facilitates character development and makes the book relatable. 

Faatimah and Ahmed

The little girls emotion as her brother leaves and returns from school is heart-warming and though the book does not involve any conflict, the emotions create a sense of depth in the relationship between the siblings. 
Faatimah’s love for stories leads to the main portion of the book, which is the story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The story provides an informative yet relatable introduction to the Prophet (SAW) and would be a good starting point for parents seeking to introduce kids to the life of the final messenger of Allah (SWT). 
The story maintains it’s fun and intrigue throughout the book as the children learn more, whether it be on their playroom floor or daydreaming on the back of a camel. The kids are taken on a virtual journey through the Arabian dessert which adds some excitement and also explores some terms and facts. 
The story ends with an emphasis on one of the most important aspects of our faith… the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and encourages little Muslims to learn more about him and seek to be more like him (SAW). 
The format of a brother/sister duo going through their everyday lives and sharing some basic knowledge of the Prophet (SAW) is truly unique and presented in a format in which any child can relate to. Too much detail in illustrations can often distract a child from the content of the story, but the fun, yet simple and bright illustrations in the book make it appealing to little readers, maintaining their attention and drawing them into the story.  
The use of Arabic and common Muslim words and phrases is always good in children’s books and the Glossary at the end of the story is handy for those not familiar with some of the terms. While I had the privilege of receiving a draft copy of this book, I’m sure the finished copy will be the icing on the cake to this well presented publication.
I have to admit the book does leave me wanting more. I want to know more about Faatimah and Ahmed, I want to know more about their time with each other, and more about the Prophet (SAW) through the stories they share, so I am super excited that there will be more Faatimah and Ahmed books to follow.
Faatimah & Ahmed is a simple, well illustrated story that introduces little Muslims to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in a fun, relatable way, it cleverly encourages kids to learn about and emulate his actions (SAW) in their lives.  With its bright, eye catching pictures, delightful story and sweet characters Faatimah and Ahmed: We’re Little Muslims is a must have on your child’s Islamic bookshelf. 
From the Author:
Faatimah and Ahmed – We’re Little Muslims is the latest in Islamic children’s books. Alhamdulillah it is now available on most Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository. It will soon be available direct from the author at
Simply Google it, or email: read[at]readlittlemuslims[dot]com for more information 🙂

Review: Amina’s Kitchen App

I have been excited about the Amina’s Kitchen App ever since I heard it was coming out. It’s exciting to see Islamic ideas and concepts come to fruition. And, yes, that is Amina from Masterchef!

Amina's Kitchen App

My son (cookie monster) enjoys the odd cooking app, he likes making burgers, serving ice cream and baking cupcakes. I thought this would be a great addition to our cooking app collection.

First things first, the graphics are great, no fancy business, it’s simple, bright, eye-catching and perfect for children. Part of being involved in the learning of the game is needing to read, but it is not a necessity. The game has simple buttons with no clutter to confuse little eyes. It’s easy and clear to follow.

In a simple and fun format the game teaches children what we can and can’t eat by having to collect the halal ingredients for the dish. This also teaches children about different ingredients and aspects that make up a meal. It would have been great if each dish had some element of cooking or adding ingredients together and included a picture of the dish, however I can see the aim is more on the education side of things.

The inclusion of a map is a great feature. Your kids will be engrossed in a geography lesson without even knowing it. My cookie monster has recently become very intrigued by the idea that people come from different places and that we visit different places (ie. cities, countries), the app is great for reinforcing this concept (Peter Gould’s other app ‘Kids of the Ummah‘ also promotes this theme, cookie monster has mastered all the puzzles and loves clicking and colouring in all the kids).

I think this app is probably aimed at a slightly older audience (i.e. older than my 3 yr old), but that’s not to say you need to be at a specific age to enjoy it, you could see the excitement in the cookie monster’s face as he screamed, “No. No. Yes. Yes. Not that one. Yup! Yup!”, when trying to fill the baskets. My 11 yr old sister in law did feel a little old for the game, although she enjoyed it. I would pin it between 3 and 10 as an ideal age group. I had fun with it myself while testing it out, if I hadn’t checked the time, who knows how long I would have been playing for.

I’ll admit this app has a slightly hefty price tag, but I think it’s very important to support Muslim projects and endeavours. It may not be perfect, but worth every cent in the hope for furthering future ideas such as these. In fact if I had seen the project on LaunchGood in time, I would have pledged.

All in all I’d say it’s a great app, it may not be for us right at this moment but will definitely be one we will re-visit in the near future.